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Board Games etc. for the #rvlife

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

With the holidays coming up we've put together a list of board games for those that like to RV and travel the United States. From Trekking the National parks to everyday playing cards we hope this list is helpful for you as you are filling out Christmas lists and filling stockings.

We put this list of games together to share the games we find fun both in the RV and while at home. Some of the games you know. Some you may not. While some of these games can be played going down the road, others will need to be played after you park. We hope you find this list

  1. Trekking the National Parks - We've found this game to have various strategies to success. Its fun to take a different approach each game as there are multiple ways to win. Additionally, we enjoy remembering trips we've taken, look forward to trips we are planning, and learn about other parks we haven't yet considered.

  2. Trekking the National Parks Trivia Game - With over 600 questions get immersed in the national parks through visual and written trivia

  3. Travel Connect 4 - Connect four built for the road.

  4. Pass the Pigs - small dice like game that is more fun than you can expect.

  5. 5-1 magnetic chess, checkers, dominoes, backgammon -

  6. Travel Chess - magnetic so the pieces stay on the board while traveling

  7. Uno in a tin case - great for the road and keeping cards safe in a long lasting case

  8. Skip Bo - creates a nice counting strategy game

  9. Yahtzee to Go - Yahtzee built for the road.

  10. Durable Bicycle Playing Cards - We've noticed low quality cards collect humidity, dirt, and get sticky on the road. These playing cards tend to hold up much longer. We always keep a new pack in the RV in addition to our open pack so that we can change out mid-game if necessary. Fun Fact: We taught our brood adding to 21 by playing blackjack.

  11. Auto Back Seat Bingo - This game is great for getting kids to look their head up and look outside. We spend hours looking for the items on the bingo cards and have played with one child or with all of them. It adds complexity to the license plate game as you are challenged to look for motorcycles, fence, hawks, and other items generally found traveling our interstates.

  12. Apples to Apples - How well do you know your friends and family. Can you pick the card that the judge will select as the best choice?

  13. Kids Against Maturity - a little more saucy than apples to apples and a PG version of the adult game. Similar to apples to apples.

  14. Disney Apples to Apples - We are not Disney fanatics. However, we've watched our share of Disney movies and have been to Orlando once. When our kids were preschoolers this was the game of choice.

  15. Monopoly National Parks -The classic board board game is well a classic! However, if you want to remember your time at the parks or dream of your next trip while playing games this version of Monopoly is worth it.

  16. National Park Jigsaw Puzzles - If you someone you know has an affinity for jigsaw puzzles there are many available at this link.

Catan is in a league all its own. Catan has won many awards, is played around the world, and has many variations and packs available to keep the game fresh entertaining. We've added to our base game with birthday presents and Christmas gifts. With each purchase we've added to our entertainment and play Catan game more often than any other board game. To be honest, they made this game in a way to affect your pocket book. For example, to play Seafarers with 5-6 people, as laid out above, you need to purchase 4 products. The value to each extension pack is that the game expands in capability and the board also changes for more variety. No two playing sessions are the same.

Each of these games and extension packs can cost $25-$50. The price is steep for board games. However, compared to going to the movies or out to eat, the investment can be justified. We have always been hesitant to make the purchase of the base game and when we've purchased extension packs. So, this is a great gift for families! We have not been disappointed with any of the packs we've purchased and have used each one for many hours. In fact, we've played so much, our base game is wearing out. Below is a list of the base game and the additional extensions.

  1. Catan - the base game. Catan is an explorers game that is played by millions. The best way I can describe Catan is that its a monopoly like game with an ending. Get victory points for various achievements in the game with a set number of points for the win. The advantage of Catan is that it can be modified each time for a different gaming experience. Once you learn the base game expansion packs can be added to create new boards and playing experiences.

  2. Catan 5-6 player expansion pack - We purchased this expansion pack when our daughter increased our players to 5. The game is for a little older crowd however, we made the game simpler for our brood eliminating the robber and the penalties of rolling a seven. When she turned 7 she was able to play the game without help and win.

  3. Catan Seafarers expansion pack - Must first have the base game above and this game, as the name would imply, adds ships and islands to create additional game play.

  4. Catan Seafarers 5-6 player expansion pack - This pack is added to the Seafarer expansion pack and the base game to allow 5 and 6 player play.

  5. Catan Explorers and Pirates expansion pack - Adds gold and other complexity and scenarios.

  6. Catan Explorers and Pirates 5-6 player expansion pack - This pack is added to Explorers and Pirates and the base game for 5-6 players.

  7. Catan Traders and Barbarians - We haven't played this one yet but put it here to share.

  8. Catan Traders and Barbarians 5-6 player expansion pack - Again need this pack to play 5-6 players with Traders and Barbarians and the base game.

We hope you enjoy this list and find some items to fulfill this year's Christmas wishes. Let us know what games we missed. If you like this list and content on our site please click the links to open amazon and purchase during the session to provide us with a slight affiliate payment. We would never ask for you to purchase on Amazon at a price that is more than you can get elsewhere. So, this list is built for ideas and we hope that you do your shopping and buy where it is priced right for you. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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