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Camping toys\games for the Brood while on the road

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We enjoy a lot of activities to pass the time in the campground or at the beach. We've put a list together of the things we rotate in and out of the RV to enjoy. Some of these things I've linked to Amazon.

Outdoor Toys and Activities

  1. Baseball gloves and balls

  2. Kites

  3. Bocce Ball: Not just any Bocce Ball but Light up Bocce Ball. Also know as Playaboule. For camping this is the one to get. It has lights inside the balls for play at night. These are the best way to play recreational bocce ball.

  4. Frisbees

  5. Ladder Toss

  6. Washer Toss

  7. Football

  8. Soccer Ball

  9. Sidewalk Chalk: We like to get the chalk that is in a plastic container to keep the storage bays clean and organized.

Indoor Toys and Activities

  1. Legos

  2. Matchbox cars

  3. Coloring Books

  4. Pokémon

  5. Playing Cards

  6. Catan: This is the one full-size board game we take when there is rain in the forecast.

  7. Travel Board Games

  8. Travel related Bingo: My son and I played Interstate Bingo for an hour while driving on our last trip. We looked for hotels, motorcycles, hawks, etc. It was fun to work on it together.

Not really toys but these engage the kids

  1. Mystic Fire: for those not familiar with mystic fire these change the colors of flame. Its great for the campfire after S'mores

  2. Hammocks

  3. Dog toys: most KOAs have leash free areas for retrieving and other dog activities

  4. Metal Detector: this is a new one for us and is great for exploring

  5. Telescope

  6. Insect Box: We have had a few of these and these types seem to hold up on the road.

  7. Flashlights and Headlamps

  8. Glow Sticks: Always buy more than you think as some may not work or you may want to share with others.

  9. Fishing Pole, etc: Many campgrounds have ponds or are on rivers, streams, lakes and my kids always want to go fishing.

We'll add more to this list as we add to it or find more. What do you take camping for your kids?

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