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Essential cooking items for camping\RV

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

This list is our go to items for cooking while in our 35 foot RV. So, storage is considered, and our storage is larger than many. We have a camping menu that we use every time we go camping. We adapt it a little for each trip. However, when we cook these are the items that are nice to have available. Links are to Amazon and if you like this list please click-thru and support the website as we will receive associate earnings.

  1. Pie Irons - We like cast iron as they maintain heat and the inside is non-stick. We have two. The Rome Pie Iron and the Coghlan's Cast Iron Cooker. I like the Rome a little better because it has just a little more room. The double pie irons are too heavy for me. So, we have two singles to cook with.

  2. Electric pancake griddle - we have one that folds to keep the cooktop clean in the RV.

  3. Propane stove - we like to cook a lot outside in the Summer to keep the RV cool. We have the Coleman Powerpack Grill

  4. propane grill - a must for camping. We got ours at a local retailer so I can't officially recommend the Coleman Gas Grill. However, I do recommend one with side tables and legs for stand up. The benefit of the legs is that you don't use valuable table space and the grill isn't on the table where kids maybe sitting and potentially burned by the grill.

  5. grilling tools including wire brush

  6. tote for storing cooking items

  7. tote for storing plates, utensils, napkins

  8. napkin holder for windy days- We have the fox run chrome napkin holder. It has a metal arm that prevents the napkins from blowing away.

  9. grilling tripod - Today I use this mostly for the hobo pie makers and these are also good for grilling potatoes and meat. We have the Coleman Tripod Grill

  10. dutch oven - When it comes to dutch ovens Lodge has the market and we agree the Lodge Dutch Oven is the best. We use it mainly for cinnamon bread and there are recipes on their website.

  11. Marshmallow roasting sticks - We like the telescoping kind because they fold up nice and compact. We also like these Marshmallow Roasting Sticks with the wooden handle because they are easy to rotate the marshmallow

  12. propane cylinders

  13. charcoal - for the dutch oven or if you like to grill with charcoal

  14. lighter fluid - for the charcoal

  15. fatwood (for starting fires) - This is the best "additive" to start a good campfire. We use no more than three pieces for each fire we start. Here is the link for a 10lbs box from Plow and Hearth

  16. newspaper

  17. butane firestarter/ propane torch with flint

  18. pots, pans, skillets

  19. outdoor collapsible garbage can - we have two garbage cans, one inside and one for outside

  20. recycling container - or we just use disposable shopping bags. Many campgrounds now have recycling available.

What do you think of this list? What are we missing?

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