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Keep to a Schedule

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

On our last trip we were driving about 500 miles per day. With three kids my wife decided to put them on a schedule. She felt it was best to work through the day with different activities to keep their minds stimulated so they wouldn't get board. Screen time was always the big get. So, we focused on journals, and academic studies, first. With COVID-19, school shut down early, so we have been homeschooling since March.

This time in the RV was critical to maintaining their eduction and habits. You'll notice there are not times on the schedule. She felt it was best to work through the schedule as the kids decided. Electronic time or screen time was held until enough academics, reading, journaling, and creative studies were completed. Overall, this worked very well and we have hung this schedule above the dinette in the RV for future use. How do you educate and keep your kids from boredom during long road trips.

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