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Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground

Updated: 6 days ago

Congratulations on planning your trip to Zion. To help you prepare we are going to share all we know about Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground. Let’s Get Started! Each item in our post is important. Don’t miss any of it and stay until the end. You will never expect the hidden danger lurking just outside the campground.

We like to get pricing out of the way so that you can think about the other stuff. After that we will talk about what the sites are like.

What is the price of the Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground?

Pricing for full hookup sites were less than $100 per site. The tent sites are cheaper. Cottages are also availale for rent. Location is key to the pricing. Located in Springdale, walking distance from Zion’s entrance, and on the Zion National Park Shuttle route, these features create the Gateway to Zion. Springdale is very walkable with wide sidewalks and crosswalks and slow vehicle traffic speeds. Restaurants, gift shops, bars, and ice cream are nearby. There is even an area that is accommodating to pets with grass, something the campground is lacking. The campground is a good value and we will discuss why in more detail.

Next up we will discuss the sites and later we will discuss campground features. Stay until the end where we will discuss the one danger people ignore.

What are the Campsites Like at the Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground?

Most sites are full hookup with 30 and 50 amp electric, water and sewer. We noticed the sites were level however, they are small. On the Virgin River sites are limited to water and electric. All of the sites are red sand and gravel. Check the campground map and google maps to identify sites you might like. Remember the location is the value here not the size of the sites. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time at our site. We were either in Zion hiking or swimming at the pool. We went in June, and it was hot so, our time at the site was mainly in the RV resting in Air Conditioning or sleeping.

Let’s spend some time on the campground features and after that we’ll discuss Springdale in more detail.

What is it like at the Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground?

The campground has paved roads and is laid out well. There are dumpsters near the front parking lot. Trees that provide shade and a nice atmosphere are located throughout the property. You will find two bathroom buildings on site. The bathrooms are clean and showers are private with separate entrances.. Furthermore, the showers are clean and provide a good size changing area, too. Know they are coin operated to conserve water and you get coins during check in. There is also an open air pavilion in the middle of the campground.

We have two more features to discuss and stay until the end to make sure you know about the danger lurking along Springdale.

Is There a Pool at the Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground?

We really enjoyed the pool in the afternoons after hiking the Zion Canyon Overlook trail and hiking up to Angel's Landing. The pool is a decent size at about 20x40 feet. It is about 3 feet at the shallow end and 6 feet at the deep end. We find that the pool in the afternoon is a great social space for our brood. One day at the pool our kids fit right in with many games including marco polo and games that were made on the fly. There is no shade near the pool so make sure you have sunscreen and sunglasses. After a morning of hiking, the pool was exactly what we needed to make the rest of our day

Are Dogs Allowed at the Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground?

The campground is pet friendly. There are a few things to keep in mind with your pet at Zion Canyon RV Resort. There isn’t any grass on the property. We found our pets didn’t really know what to do and walks took longer than we anticipated. Dog bags are located conveniently in 3-4 places throughout the park. We’re always happy to find these.

What is close to the Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground?

As we continue talking about dogs, let’s move to more benefits of being in Springdale. Walking dogs in Springdale is a must. The sidewalks are wide and provide many miles of good dog walking. We saw mule deer in the front yard of a neighbor while walking one day. Additionally the landscaping, plants, flowers, and trees, add to the enjoyment of the walks. There is some dog friendly real estate on the other side of the road with grass and dog bags and park benches for you to enjoy. Be careful in the heat of the day to check the pavement. Paws can burn in the Summer heat.

What can you find in Springdale Utah?

Springdale is the Gateway to Zion. The gift shops and stores are unique and have many items for sale. While shopping for shirts and hats we noticed there lacked any swag that said Zion National Park. That must be trademarked just for the National Park Service. There were a lot of stickers, shirts, hats, etc that mentioned Zion Canyon, or Springdale. So, if you want the specific licensed Zion National Park you need to go to the Zion gift shop in the park. Restaurants and bars are plentiful and we found the food and service to be to our liking. The Zion Shuttle operates throughout the day along the main road and can be picked up just outside the campground. Shuttles are supposed to be at each stop every 10-15 minutes. Shuttle Stop 3 is at Whiptail Grill which is next door to the campground. If you get up early we found the gates to Zion open so you can get parked and hop on the first shuttles. Again, the location of Zion Canyon RV resort is great for exploring Springdale, use of the Shuttle, and the close proximity to Zion.

Is there a Risk to Staying at the Zion Canyon RV Resort and Campground?

The main danger and risk to campers is the Virgin River. Mainly there is bacteria in the river frequently that can kill. While we camped there we noticed many families and pets in the water enjoying the afternoon. We understand that as long as you don’t put your head in the water or drink the water you should be safe. However, for us we decided to stay out of the river here so the dogs didn’t drink the water and the pool served as our play place every afternoon. When hiking the Narrows there is similar danger so do your best to keep your mouth, ears, and eyes out of the water. Let us know if you have questions and read our other posts about Zion National Park.

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