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Gouldings RV Resort-Monument Valley

Updated: Jan 28

Looking for a place to stay when you go to Monument Valley? Look no further. Let’s get Started on our review of why Goulding’s is the Gateway to Monument Valley!

Goulding’s RV resort is perfect for tent camping, motorhomes, trailers, and more. Read all the way to the end for the best part of Goulding’s you don’t want to miss.

What is the price of Gouldings RV Resort?

Pricing for Goulding’s is due to its location. Pricing can be over $100 per night for RVs. Tent sites and small Class B and C RV sites are cheaper. You’ll look for another location to stay and there is a KOA close by and a couple other places but Goulding’s is really the only place that is better than boondocking. To save on your stay they are a Good Sam Park and part of the discount program. Here is the link to their website for more details We enjoyed our stay and we look forward to sharing why.

Coming up later we will discuss amenities but first let’s discuss why the location is so valuable.

Where is Gouldings Rv Resort Located?

Goulding’s is a 10 minute drive to the Monument Valley Visitor’s center and 30 minutes from Kayenta and Highway 163. Monument Valley is a 2 hour drive from 4 Corners Monument where you can stand in four States at the same time including New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. The close proximity to Monument Valley is the key for Goulding’s. It provides a great location to spend the night with beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Additionally, there is a view of Monument Valley to the East. Finally, the rising Mesas around the RV Park provide a one-of-a-kind view that you won’t feel anywhere else.

Why Should you Stay at Gouldings RV Resort?

When you go to a campground like this you are doing it to provide a gateway to memories and experiences you won’t find anywhere else. We found Monument Valley to be one of the best destinations in North America. We hope you enjoy your stay like we did. Make sure you take the driving tour through Monument Valley which we will discuss in another video. If you like horses and the old West, plan a horseback riding tour. We chose Sacred Monument tours and could not be more happy. The guide was fantastic and the horses were great. If you have time make sure you visit the navajo merchants for homemade crafts and get your selfie at the point where Forrest Gump stopped running. What are you looking forward to in Monument Valley? Let us know in the comments.

Amenities are next and coming up later you’ll learn more about the sites.

What are the Amenities at Gouldings RV Resort?

Goulding’s has many amenities including an indoor pool. We enjoyed our swim and really liked the pool rules! To add to the value, clean bathrooms with showers, full laundry, and convenience store are available on site. Free wifi is also available. However, the speed is limited, similar to most other campgrounds we’ve been to. Down the hill is a spacious gas station although, the price per gallon is higher than if you fill up in Kayenta or further away. There is also a lodge for people who need a hotel room where there is also a restaurant with authentic Navajo food like the Navajo taco with Fry Bread. The restaurant has a great view of Monument Valley and the portions are bigger than you will expect.

We’ll let you know our one big criticism and a little one of Goulding's later.

What is Special about Gouldings RV Resort?

The history of Goulding’s is worth mentioning. In the early 1920s, Harry Goulding and his wife Leone, nicknamed Mike, purchased land in Monument Valley and setup a trading post to facilitate business and trade among the settlers and Navajo. During the 1930s the Depression was devastating the regions people and the Goulding's enticed Henry Ford to film Hollywood pictures in the Valley. This effort forever made Monument Valley Synonymous with the Old West. You can learn more at the Goulding’s Museum and Trading Post located at the Lodge and Restaurant.

What are the Campsites Like at Gouldings RV Resort?

Right now, let’s talk about what is available at each site to help you pack for your stay. Full hookup sites have water, sewer, cable tv and 50-amp service. Additionally, there are charcoal grills, fire pits, and picnic tables. The tent sites are separate from the RV sites making their location a little quieter. Cottages are also available for rent. We found some of the RV sites impossible for us to pull into due to the elevation change and if you can get up to the site with your rig, they seemed level. They did lead us to a great site perfect for our class A and safe for us to pull in and out of. If you need a low profile, level pull through, let them know your limitation so they can accommodate your rig.

If you like this RV park review join now and be a part of the conversation. If this is your first time welcome to CampBrood and if you’ve been here before, thank you for sharing time with us. Monument Valley was part of a bigger trip for our brood on the way to Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. We have similar posts and videos on where to stay as a Gateway to those parks as well as hiking recommendations to help you plan. Now more about Goulding's.

Are Dogs Welcome at Gouldings RV Resort?

Goulding’s is dog friendly. There are plenty of places to walk your pets and pet waste bags for your use. One of the reasons we have an RV is to take our dogs traveling with us. Dogs aren’t allowed in most National Parks so the campground is really important for us to give them space and a little adventure, too. Goulding's was great for our dogs. Our morning and evening walks were full of great views. However, there is a lot of red dirt. Our black and yellow labs were red labs after laying down by the motorhome.

Can you see the Stars at Gouldings RV Resort?

There is even a trail we will discuss more at the end of our video that you won’t want to miss. We were disappointed with the star gazing at Goulding’s. We set up at sunset expecting a great view and were disappointed by the light pollution of the park. LED spotlights were on all over the RV park and limited the number of stars and sky we could see. You will have to drive out and find wilderness and dark sky to enjoy the stars. The other criticism is that there is no playground for kids to exercise and spend some energy. However, that is overcome by the best hiking trail, at a campground we have ever been to.

What is there to do at Gouldings RV Resort?

Behind the RV park are trails to explore. Our kids found them easy and headed off with the dogs as soon as we set camp. There are some dangerous cliffs. So adult supervision is recommended for little ones. These trails are great for every traveler and worth your time. The elevation changes and red rock and views are breathtaking. The best part is the grand arch hidden in the back of the trail that is beautiful and unique. We will always remember the hikes we took while staying at Goulding's. Did you know you can drive through Monument Valley? Read this post to find out if you can drive it with your auto.

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