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Product Review Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack

Updated: Jan 31

Teton Hydration pack

Price- The price is around $45.00 - $50.00 depending on color with a Lifetime Warranty

We own the 2 liter 2021 model which is at the time of this writing is available

Here is a Youtube Video with more views of the Teton Sports Oasis Backpack: Watch here or continue reading below

What are the Features of the Teton Sports Hydration Backpack?

1. Reflective lettering and print for visibility

2. Straps for chest and waist to stabilize the pack

3. Lightweight at about 2 lbs and fits waists up to 60”

4. Water hose can be used on the left or right shoulder strap

5. Comes with a rain cover but we have never used

6. 2 small and 2 large pockets to organize and compartmentalize

7. Bungee cords to store clothes

Here is a picture of the 2022 Model

What are the Pros of the Teton Sports Hydration Backpack?

  1. Zippers are good quality and the zipper pulls are durable.

  2. Shoulder straps are comfortable and have elastic loops for attaching gear or holding sunglasses

  3. 2 Side net pockets hold garbage well and other frequently accessed items

  4. Great for hiking with the water bladder or with water bottles. We use water bottles for our shorter hikes.

  5. The bungee cords surprisingly get used more often than we thought mainly holding warmer layers

  6. The upper outside pocket is great for storing sunglasses

What are the cons of the Teton Sports Oasis Backpack?

  1. The water bladder is difficult to clean. We think they all are but it makes you pause before you decide to use the bladder.

  2. The straw is leak proof however, can be a little difficult to open.

  3. Our last con is that the whistle underperforms. We’ve never really been able to get it to work well.

Does Teton Make a good Backpack for Teenagers?

We recommend the Teton hydration pack for 10 year olds and above who hike 6-8 hours or less. Although little ones should have less weight in their packs. We’ve used them on 10 mile hikes often and find that they are perfect for our use. This pack is not recommended for overnight. We’ve had these packs for years and find the durability and performance is worth the purchase price. For an hour hike where you want a pack up to 6-8 hours this pack is essential. For kids under 10 consider the Camelbak Mini M.U.L.E.

The Teton Oasis Hydration Pack can be purchased here:

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