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US Space and Rocket Center Campground - CLOSED

Updated: Jan 28

If you are looking to camp in the Huntsville Alabama area and visit the US Space and Rocket Center this might be the RV park for you. There are concerns. The main one is that the US Space and Rocket Center campground closed for good in 2023 to make room for a new space camp building. But if you want to know what it was like keep reading. This is one of those campgrounds where you really want to stay here, but you’re so happy you read a post to know which site would be best for your rig and what you’re getting into to have a great experience We look forward to sharing with you the prices, features, pros and cons of staying here. Let’s get started!

First, we will discuss pricing and campsite amenities and later we’ll discuss a unique feature next to the campground.

What is the price for the US Space and Rocket Center Campground?

Pricing for the park is very reasonable compared to commercially run campgrounds. The price for pull through and back in sites are very affordable in the $30 per night range. Pull through sites can accommodate up to 45’ long RVs and back ins are limited to 40 feet. Although, some sites are smaller. Check in is 3pm and check out is at noon. If you arrive early, you can see if your site is available early or you can park at the museum lot to wait for your site.

What are the Campsites Like at the US Space and Rocket Center Campground?

The campground has full hookup at all sites including water, sewer, and electric. The water is at ground level under a plastic lid. I’m sure this is to prevent freezing pipes during colder months. If you don’t want to hookup but still need some fresh water there is a fount in the middle of the campground to fill water bottles and gallon jugs. The electricity is available in 30-amp and 20-amp outlets. Each site has an asphalt pad, charcoal grill, and picnic table. The campground is hilly however, most sites are level. If you need a level site make sure to call the campground and confirm site details with them. As you can see here, some campers struggled in certain sites.

Now we’ll talk more about the facility and amenities available at the park. Stay until the end for a one-of-a-kind amenity that only this park has next door. No, it’s not the museum.

What can you expect at the US Space and Rocket Center Campground?

The entrance is flat and leads to the campground office. You’ll experience that the road surface needs to be repaired. The conditions inside the park don’t get much better. After the campground office the drive descends and turns left. Long rigs will probably feel uncomfortable making this drive. You’ll notice here that there is significant erosion and the asphalt is breaking down and close to its useful life. The pull through sites are long however, and some did accommodate rigs longer than ours. We fit well in our back-in site with our 35’ class A and full size truck and we are thankful that our site entrance was flat and easy to get into.

Every campground needs a dad joke! What is an astronaut’s favorite part of a computer? The SPACE bar! Let’s move on and continue with the bathrooms because some jokes just need to be flushed down the drain.

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What are the Bathrooms like at the US Space and Rocket Center Campground?

We were happy with the bathrooms. Make sure you remember the code from check in to get into them. I had to ask another camper for the code the first time I visited. The bathrooms are located at the campground office. The yellow colored stalls, rust colored flooring, and ceramic tile are clean and the high ceilings offer a sense of space. The showers, sinks, and toilets all work well and are in good condition. Laundry is also available.

How Close is the US Space and Rocket Center Campground to the Museum?

One of the best features of the campground is its location near the museum. With our back-in site we had to unhook the truck to park. When we were ready to leave we drove the RV and truck over to the museum parking lot and hooked up there while waiting for the museum to open. The parking lot provided for all the space and time we needed to hook up. When we were done touring the museum we pulled out in a few minutes and were on our way. The close proximity provided a care-free morning and we were inside the museum when they opened.

The day we took these pictures was wet and the campground was not in its best condition. I expect sunnier days would offer a much better experience. We were impressed by the amount of lawn available throughout the park and especially at the entrance. There is plenty of room to walk dogs, play soccer or other sports, and spread out. Up by the entrance we noticed people did not pick up after their dogs, even though dog waste bags are available in the campground. There are many areas in the campground with full sun. The trees in the park are large and offer a lot of shade. They provide a forest feel and really help you escape from the urban environment and museum campus.

Unique to the campground is a rocket launching site adjacent to the RV park. If you are lucky you may see some launches as part of the space camp program from your RV. The campground and on-site hotel were built to provide lodging for space camp families needing a place to stay. The park is within walking distance of Space Camp and the museum. New in 2023, is the upgraded Space Camp experience with a brand new 40,000 sq foot Operations Center building. Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut or attend Space Camp? Did you know in addition to the grade school program they also have camp for adults? Here is a link to their website:

If you would like to read how the Rocket Center is great for your family adventure read our blog post providing you a full tour including a backstage look at Space Camp and the Shuttle simulator

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