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RV Sewer Hoses Camco Rhino vs Thetford Titan

Updated: Jan 28

We’re not happy with one of these hoses. By the end of this post, you’ll know which one we recommend. But first we’ll share the features and benefits of both hoses so you can see why they both do well in the market today. There are a number of hoses to be sure. Lippert has an option and Valterra does, too. However, the volume leaders with the most brand recognition are clearly Camco and Thetford. Read on below or watch our video version of this post now here:

Let’s discuss what’s included in the box first and later we’ll get into specifications.

We purchased both of these products from Amazon we share product links below so you can check current pricing and order yours today.

What comes in the Camco Rhino Flex RV Sewer Hose Kit?

Camco’s Rhino FLEX RV Sewer Hose kit currently costs $37 on Amazon and comes in this brown cardboard box. The box isn’t sexy and is compact for shipping and sustainability. Inside the box is the hose with the 90-degree elbow, caps for each end and the dump station adapter to fit 3” 3.5” and 4” threaded dump station pipes.

What comes in the Thetford Titan 15-foot Premium RV Sewer Hose Kit?

Thetford’s Titan 15-foot Premium RV Sewer Hose Kit comes in a much better box with photos, English and French description and a more durable package. The box is however a little bigger and we will touch on that later. Priced at$43 dollars or $6 dollars more at the time of this post the package contains the 15-foot hose, caps for both ends and the revolving 5 in 1 sewer Adapter with handle. The 5-1 adapter allows for connection to most dumping stations and campsite hookups.

We can’t wait to share the features of each kit but first let’s discuss specifications.

What are the Specifications of the Camco Rhino Sewer Hose?

Specifications for these two hoses are brief. The Camco Rhino weighs in at just under 3 pounds. The length of the hose when extended as you can see here is 15 feet. The brown hose, made of polyolefin and reinforcedwith steel wire, when collapsed is just 54 inches or 4 and ½ feet. The dimensions of the box are 9.8” x 14” x 10.8”. The 90 degree elbow is clear to allow for easy viewing of the discharge from your RV. The two universal bayonet couplers are orange and are small enough to fit into any 4” square RV bumper.

What are the Specifications of the Thetford Titan Sewer Hose?

The Thetford Titan hose weighs 4.5 pounds. The length of the hose when extended as you can see here is 15 feet. The blackhose, made of TPE, when collapsed is 85 inches or just a little over 7 feet. The dimensions of the box are a little bigger at 8” x 24” x 8”. The 90 degree elbow is transluscent white so you can see flow but not details. The elbow and threaded sewer adapter is a one piece design with a handle. The couplers are green and fixed on the hose.

If this post is helping you make sure you check out the Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank Post at the bottom of this post. Now that we’ve gotten the details out of the way here are the features and coming up later we’ll share our recommendation.

What are the Features of the Camco Rhino Sewer Hose?

Features and Pros of the Camco Rhino are as follows. The clear 90 degree elbow is an advantage as it allows you to see the waste coming out of your RV. The swivel connectors also make it easier to connect your hose to the dump station connection and your RV. Camco uses a threaded adapter separate from the 90 degree elbow that allows for more efficient storage. The hose when collapsed is smaller and will require less space during storage. The storage caps fit into the connectors well to keep residual waste in the hose during storage. The hose comes with a manufacturer 1 year warranty.

There are a few Cons to the Camco Rhino. The threaded adapter can sometimes get stuck in the threaded sewer connection and since it is a separate part can be difficult to remove. The gaskets and/or couplers do not provide a tight fit. The new hose I bought, leaked at the rv drain and I needed to use a paper towel to collect the black and gray water discharge. This hose is not for use in cold weather. At near freezing temperatures the plastic is brittle, and the hose will separate when expanded.

What are the Features of the Thetford Titan Sewer Hose?

Features and Pros of the Thetford Titan Kit are as follows. The 90-degree elbow and threaded sewer connection are integrated to reduce connections. The one of a kind handle provides more leverage to tighten and remove from the sewer. The 90 degree elbow also has the ability to rotate for easier connection to the sewer. The material of the hose is more pliable and better at extreme temperatures. The coupler to attach the hose to the RV is longer to provide better ergonomics and easier attachment to the RV. When using the hose we notice no leaking at the RV. Gaskets, Elbow, and caps are repair parts and can be purchased when lost,damaged, or past their useful life. Thetford warranties the hose for 1 year.

There are a few cons to the Thetford Titan Kit as well. When collapsed for storage it is bigger than the Camco Rhino and takes up a little more space as shown by the package sizes. The fittings can be really tight in cold weather and difficult to remove especially when using extensions or hooking up to the thetford titan tote. The 90-degree elbow with integrated sewer fitting and handle is bigger and bulky compared to the Camco Rhino. The caps do fit snug however due to their design may fall out as they get older.

Now for our recommendation and watch until the end to hear the whole story.

RV Sewer Hoses Camco Rhino vs Thetford Titan - Which is Better?

The reason we are sharing this video with you is we have an opinion and we would like to share. ? Our opinion is our own and we hope this video helps you understand Camco and Thetford hoses better. As we look at the broader scorecard the Camco Rhino does collapse smaller for better storage, has caps that are built to prevent leaks well, and has a clear 90 degree elbow. The Thetford Titan has more leak proof fittings in our experience, has a better coupler to attach to the RV, and is more durable over time and during extreme weather. These are all features that may be more important to you and lead you to purchase one or the other. In the Battle of RV Sewer Hoses Camco Rhino vs Thetford Titan - Which is Better? For us, with campgrounds often putting the fresh water tap, electric mast, and sewer connection within inches of each there is one critical element that is our deciding factor. Personally, we do not want fecal matter, urine, and other waste to leak on the ground as you see here that could contaminate the ground and our or your fresh water. This brand new Camco hose cracked when we extended it in 70 degree weather. We duct taped the leak and on the second time another leak occurred. Also, the fitting at the RV leaked into our RV, brand new, out of the box. We’ve bought Camco Rhino before and experienced similar issues over time. Now with Thetford’s Titan line we won’t have to worry about leaks which is our deciding factor in recommending the Thetford Titan hose over the Camco Rhino Flex. Nothing is more important than a leak free experience.

We've found that the 15 foot kit with a 10 foot extension is the best setup for our camping. Here are additional links for your reference:

Camco sewer hose store on Amazon: has additional parts and lengths.

Thetford sewer hose store on Amazon: has additional parts and lengths.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Now that you know about the hoses, check our our blog post about the Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank

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