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Product Review-Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank

Updated: Jan 28

We are going to review the Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank and discuss the price, sizes, features, pros, cons, and our recommendation. Read until the end for the ultimate reason to purchase this tote.

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As of the date of this Post the Thetford Store on Amazon is selling the Thetford Titan. We'll place links to the models available throughout this post. As an Amazon Associate we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

21 Gallon 4-wheel Part 40950 weighing 21 pounds

We looked into the 35 gallon and decided the 27 gallon was the right size for us so this review will be based on that tote. We’ll discuss our reasons why later

27 Gallon Part 4-wheel 40951 Weighing 29 pounds

What are The Features of the Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank?

  1. 4- wheels for easy mobility

  2. Tow handle for pulling by hand or with hitch ball

  3. Full gauge to know when to close the RV blade

  4. Hose and tank compatible with all other Titan hoses

  5. Ladder hook for storing on RV Ladder or vertically hung on wall

  6. 90 degree elbow valve for controlled emptying of tote

35 Gallon Part 4-wheel 40952 weighing 29 pounds

What are the Pros of the Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank?

  1. Low Corner empty port for full easy disposal of waste

  2. Large cleanout hole for rinsing inside of tote

  3. Integrated handles for carrying and moving tote

  4. Durable hose for long lasting use

  5. Can add additional Titan Hose for more length

21 Gallon 2 Wheel Part 40953 weighing 23 pounds

What are The Cons of the Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank?

  1. Large size makes it difficult to travel with.

  2. The weight of the tote concerns me and would rather not test my ladder. I think this is a personal problem as I see others attached to RV ladders and they are traveling fine.

  3. The green hose storage lid and strap seems a little flimsy

  4. The weights on Amazon don’t make sense but I listed them as they are shown.

27 Gallon 2 Wheel Part 40954 weighing 21 pounds part 40954

Recommendation - Which Thetford Titan Portable Waste Tank Should You Buy?

We’ve had other totes in the past and they’ve broken down too soon for the price of the product. Based on our time with the Titan tote we’ve noticed that they have improved the hose and connection to the tote. Even though the green lid is a little weak the rest of the tote is well made. We recommend the 4 wheel 27 gallon if you have room because it is the middle size and easily pulled by hand. The two wheel option would be more difficult to move by hand. We also chose this size because it fit nicely between the tailgate of our truck and the bicycles we also load in the truck. You really need to consider how you are going to use these portable waste tanks and how you are going to travel with them. Also consider the size of your RVs tanks when you purchase the tote. Ours are 40 gallons, so we pay attention to empty our tanks before they are full so we don’t have more than our 27 gallon will hold.

35 Gallon 2 Wheel Part 40955 weighing 24 pounds

How to Empty Your RV Black Water Tank At Home

Another use if you have a septic tank at home is to empty your waste into your home tank. Our tank is too far away from the driveway so we can use the portable waste tank to empty the rv then dispose of the waste into the house septic system. This can be done by adding a riser to your house tank.

How is Thetford Customer Service and Warranty?

Finally, and most important, our experience with Thetford customer service has been great. They are busy but, when I left a message they called me back by the end of the day. Becky and Kelly were amazing on the phone and helped us with a warranty claim on another product. I know that if we have questions or issues with the Titan tote, Thetford will be there to back their product. See our description for Amazon Affiliate links to learn more and purchase the Thetford Titan and accessories. We may earn a small commission if you purchase during the same session.

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