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El Reno West KOA Journey Campground Review

Updated: Jan 28

If you are traveling through Oklahoma on I-40 and need a place to stay, El Reno West KOA in Calumet Oklahoma, may be perfect for you. You’re in the right place to learn more and we can’t wait to share with you our experience at El Reno West KOA. Let’s Get Started!

Watch the video version of this blog here or continue reading below:

Stay until the end for the one thing this campground has that we haven’t seen anywhere else! You don’t want to miss it!

What is the price of El Reno West KOA?

We have found that there are three types of pricing for KOAs. There is an inexpensive category where you question what is wrong with the campground. There are average prices that are reasonable for more campers. Finally, there is the expensive category where you know they are getting the pricing due to their location next to a theme park or other popular destination. The basic motorhome towing sites we found were average to low, in the $40+ range. There are RV sites from full hookup, pull through, with a patio, to back in 30 amp water and electric. Here is their website for more details: Calumet, Oklahoma Campground | El Reno West KOA Journey

Coming up later we will discuss the benefits near the campground, but first let’s discuss the sites.

What is it like at El Reno West KOA?

Based on google maps you can expect a site basically in a parking lot. Fortunately, there is a whole lot more to this KOA. The “parking lot” area is a great place for big rigs and those that need to get in and out quickly. They are also free of trees if you have a need for satellite access. The rv park hosts directed us to a beautiful pull through site on the east side of the campground in the woods. These sites were perfect for hanging out with dogs and enjoying the end of day relaxing outside. The north side of the park has back in sites that are also wooded and more spread out. Finally, on the South side there are 4-5 cottages with a couple nestled in the woods next to the reservoir. Tent sites are also available.

Stay tuned you won’t want to miss what the campground has for kids but first let’s discuss the nearby benefits..

Where is El Reno West KOA Located?

El Reno West KOA is located 15 minutes West of El Reno and 40 minutes from Downtown Oklahoma City. It is located great for spending time in El Reno but probably too far away for Oklahoma City. Located on Route 66, there is a “giants display” to view if you have some free time. Additionally, the campground is behind a travel plaza that includes a trading post and restaurant. The properties are within walking distance. The trading post has what you would expect including native american jewelry and southwestern gifts as well as some museum type displays. The restaurant has a full menu with reasonable pricing including buffalo burgers. The travel plaza has accessible gas and diesel lanes. Maps and Giants photo from Google Maps.

Like most KOAs there are a lot of recreation activities. We’ll talk about that now and stay tuned for pet friendly amenities.

What Activities are Available at El Reno West KOA?

Our brood has been to so many campgrounds we are starting to rank the bounce pillows. El Reno West KOA has a great pillow. It bounces well and is large enough for great entertainment. Located right next to the inground pool and the playground this sets up a great recreation center where kids can choose their own adventure and still be within eyesight of adults. All are located right next to the campground office which is centrally located. Other amenities include clean bathrooms and a full laundry facility. The reservoir and shore are set up great for fishing and kids will have fun hanging out on the shore.

What is the Customer Service like at El Reno West KOA?

El Reno West KOA has a lot going for it. The parking lot area could have more green space. However, the people managing the KOA were better than most and very friendly and accommodating. There are garbage cans near your site for your convenience and you won't have to look for the dumpster. We’ll discuss dogs next but want to say that we really recommend staying here for all these reasons and especially the people.

Are Dogs Allowed at El Reno West KOA?

For dogs there is plenty of grass and areas to take walks. Dog waste bags are available. There are also dog runs near the entrance of the park in between the travel center and the campground. Finally, the best attraction and most unique are the buffalo. You will notice them as you enter the campground.. We were able to see two buffalo up close and they seemed calm and happy with hay and water and a decent place to roam and hang out. These mammals are impressive. We Hope you learned a little more about El Reno West KOA to plan your next trip.

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