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10 Reasons You'll Love KOA Campgrounds!

Updated: Jan 27

Did you know there are over 500 KOA Campgrounds across North America?. One of the best reasons to stay at KOAs is you can camp near national parks and attractions you want to explore. Continue walking with us as we go through 9 more things you can get for less than $100 per night at KOA Campgrounds. Let’s get started! For the video version of this blog and amazing views from great KOAs watch on YouTube now:

Your Brood will love what KOA’s have for kids but first let’s talk about location.

Where can you find KOA Campgrounds?

KOA campgrounds are located conveniently on the interstate close to exits to make it easier for you after a long day to get to your campsite. In the morning you will have just enough time to check your gauges and settle into your seat before getting back on the highway and on your way to the next destination. It could be easier to get out of a campground than it is to get out of a hotel. When you plan your trip do you consider how close a campground is to the highway? We look on Google maps to see how easy it is to get to the campground before making reservations.

Here are some pictures of the Albuquerque KOA Journey.

Your dogs will like this next one and later we’ll share a good reason to stay at KOAs if you have a motorhome and plan to tow a vehicle.

What is Kamp K9?

KOAs are known for being dog friendly. Camping is a great way to take your pets with you. Dogs need to be on a six foot leash and with acres available walking pets is a great way for both you and your dog to get exercise. Some of your best times in the campground will be dog walking in the early morning or at the end of a long day. But if you want your dogs off leash head to Kamp K9. These dog parks are great for letting your animals off leash for some exploring and play time. We like the double gate entrance. You will also always find dog waste bags located at Kamp K9 and conveniently throughout the park. Inside Kamp K9 you’ll find a variety of features. Some have a combination of agility courses, fire hydrants, picnic tables, shade trees, and dog houses for you and your pet to enjoy. Some KOAs like the Albuquerque KOA even have deluxe campsites with fenced in private dog parks. Would you pay extra to have a site with these amenities?

Let’s talk about campsites we always look for and later we’ll talk about what you can expect at KOAs to get the job done.

This next one is especially important to us as we travel across the country. Every KOA has pull through sites. These are important so that we don’t have to disconnect our towed vehicle when we park our rv. If you like to keep hooked up overnight you can pull in, setup camp, spend the night, break camp, and pull out without having to disconnect your car from your rv. Trucks and trailers also have an easier time because they don’t have to back into a site. Do you pay extra for Pull Throughs or would you rather have a back in site?

Your Brood will love the next one and later we will discuss what KOAs have for you when you forget the Marshmallows.

What Activities Do KOAs have for Kids?

Activities for kids are a must after a long day on the road. Almost every activity is included in your reservation fee. In the summer, we love going to KOAs to find a clean refreshing pool. But required at all KOAs is a playground. Here you will find swings and jungle gyms. Many will have slides and you’ll enjoy each campgrounds unique style. The Bowling Green Koa has a pirate ship. Our brood have traveled so much they rate the bounce pillows that we find on our travels. The full pillows are better than the jumping pads. If we can do inverted tricks then the bounce pillow is a win for us. But if it’s raining you might discover an arcade and game room with pool, pinball, your favorite video game, or air hockey. What is your brood’s favorite campground activity?

Every campground post needs a dad joke. The salesman asked Me, “So which mattress do you want for camping?” I said, “It’s a big decision, I need to sleep on it.”

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We’d love to hear your dad jokes? We might use one in a future post. Tell us in the comments!

Pin this post with the photos below:

KOA Holiday campground sign rising above a bed of landscaping near a road with cars in the background

What do KOAs Have in The Campground for Travelers?

All KOAs have bathhouses with showers, toilets and sinks. Some of the KOAs have laundry tubs or dish washing stations. For those that fish, some have fish cleaning stations, too. Most of the time you will also find Propane and firewood for sale and a coin or credit card operated laundry room. KOAs can also be a good concierge to ask questions about the area including good places to get take out or go out to dinner. We’ve found free Wifi to be available at more locations as we travel. Most of the time the data speeds are too slow, especially in the evening. It’s hard for campgrounds to take care of more than 100 campers with wifi in many rural locations. If you need to work it is best to do it in the morning. But, we’ve found more campgrounds are getting hi speed internet and are impressing us with their connectivity. If you need internet access, don’t trust the website. It’s best to call and ask questions to make sure it will work for you. What do you need from a campground when you are traveling?

Now let’s talk about the little things that matter and later we’ll talk about the different ways to stay at KOA’s

What is so Special About KOA Campgrounds?

The KOA brand has a set of required stuff that makes a KOA what it is supposed to be. First, the on-line reservation system is easy to navigate and make a reservation. If you would rather call the campground they can take your reservation over the phone. The details on the website including photos, event calendar, amenities and activities share a good amount of information so you and your brood can make a good reservation decision. But we really like the campground maps when planning our trip. We match these against google maps to see how the sites will work for us. KOAs also do little things for you that make a difference. You will almost always get an escort to your site, help with setup if you need it and that little extra touch that makes your stay easier. KOAs will also accept packages for you from Amazon or other retailers and help you mail items out. As part of the brand you will always find a Kamp K9 as we mentioned before, a playground, and campground store. Speaking of campground stores, that is next on our list.

What Can You Find In The KOA Campground Store?

The store is so convenient and is very important to travelers as they are away from home camping. Sure you could go to Walmart or another store if there is one nearby. But, KOAs tend to have much of what you need at an affordable price. You will almost always find camping gear like sewer hoses, fresh water hoses, pressure regulators, tarps and other camping gear. Snacks and drinks are also available and some carry beer and wine. Every store has shirts, hats, magnets, coffee mugs and other gift items with the KOA brand and printed items from attractions in the surrounding area. But if you get lucky they may even have hot prepared food or ice cream available for sale. The Streetsboro Cleveland KOA sells homemade fudge. These stores are also a safe way to teach kids about money and shopping. Send them on their way to buy something they want with their own money. You never know what they’ll come back with!

We have a couple more reasons to stay at KOAs but first Thanks for spending time with us and reading our posts. We hope you are looking forward to your trip and that we can help you in some way.

Let’s go back to why KOAs are great for cross country travelers and later we’ll discuss all the different ways you can sleep at a KOA.

Here are some views of Ogallala Tri Trails KOA while we answer the question:

Is it Worth Spending Just One Night in a KOA Campground?

If you are planning a long road trip you will probably find the same thing we have over the years. In the middle of nowhere, along many of the interstates that connect the country you can count on a KOA to be located where you need it to be. Like El Reno West KOA right off I40 in Oklahoma or Tri Trails KOA on I80 in Nebraska these campgrounds are an oasis after a 500 mile run. With an average of 100 KOAs for every state there is sure to be one on the interstate you're traveling and it's been great to stay at a KOA instead of a rest area or WalMart Parking lot.

What Accommodations Are Available at a KOA Campground?

When you think of KOA people think you need an RV or tent to spend the night. Most KOAs have cottages for rent for you to spend the night off the ground inside for a higher fee. Back in sites are most common where you back your trailer into the site. Pull through sites mentioned above are available for you to pull into one end of the site and exit out the other without having to back up. Tent sites are also available, closer to $50, that allow people to setup their tent on soft ground instead of a gravel pad. All sites generally come with electricity, a fire ring, and picnic table. Full hookup sites for RVs will add sewer and fresh water hookups. The cottages may even have full bathrooms inside.

Did you know the El Reno West KOA has Bison?

To Learn More About KOAs read our related posts next!

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