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Tri-Trails KOA Ogallala, Nebraska

Updated: Jan 28

If you are on I-80 traveling through Nebraska and need a place to stay this video will give you what you need to decide on the Ogallala Tri Trails KOA. Stay until the end and we will discuss the price, what you can find at your site, the campground amenities and more. This KOA campground offers a homebase for outdoor activities at the park including swimming and horseshoes and within greater Ogallala including hiking, fishing, water sports and sightseeing and caters to people of all ages. Let’s get started!

First, let’s make sure we are talking about the same KOA and then we will discuss the price. Stay until the end to hear the full details and the one best feature of Tri-Trails.

Where is Tri-Trails KOA Located?

There are two KOAs in Ogallala. Make sure you pick the right one. Tri -trails is located at 120 Road East 85 Ogallala Nebraska 69153. Conveniently located 1 mile south of I-80. The exit is easy off and easy on. There is a Wal-Mart and Truck stop here as well if you need fuel or something from the big box. Restaurants are also available from national food chains like McDonald’s to locally owned cuisine and bars.

Tri-Trails was an overnight stop for us on our way out West. We had a hard ride and were happy to park and setup. It’s always nice to be welcomed like we were by the staff at Tri-Trails after a long day. Now that we know which KOA we are discussing lets talk about the price and site amenities. Coming up later we will discuss the activities available at Tri Trails.

What are the Campsites Like at the Tri-Trails KOA in West Liberty Iowa?

The sites are built for today’s RV. A 50 amp full hookup pull through will set you back about $65 dollars for 2 adults. When we added the rest of our brood and pets the price was closer to $70. Most all of the RV sites are long pull throughs. There are a few back-ins near the back of the property. Each RV site is full hookup with water, electric, and sewer. Most of the sites also come with cable tv. The power at each site varies with about half having 50 and 30 amp hookup and the other half just having 30 amp hookup. Take a look at the map to understand. The blue sites are 50/30 amp and the red sites are 30amp.

We’ve noticed our RV would blow fuses when hooked up to some campground power systems. When we started using a surge protector our fuses stayed in good operation. We've used this 50amp surge protector for over 7 years and here is the 30 Amp: For those that would rather tent, Tri-Trails has a handful of tent sites towards the back of the property where it is a little quieter. These cost about $50 per night. All the RV sites are crushed stone pads with grass to fill out the site. Each site comes with a picnic table and fire pits are available from the office and will be delivered to your site if there isn’t one already setup. At the time of this video there are no cottages available to rent.

Ogalla is a great tourist town. Here are some things to do during your stay and later we will discuss the activities you can do in the campground.

What is there to do Near Tri-Trails KOA in West Liberty Iowa?

If you are looking for something to do or coming here to hang out In Ogallala there is something for everyone. Ogallala was part of the Great Western Cattle Trail and a critical stop for the Pony Express and is on the Oregon Trail Route. History abounds in Ogallala. The famous boot hill cemetery is only 2.6 miles from Tri-Trails. Boot Hill is named for the people buried mostly with their boots on. One person “Rattlesnake Ed” lies here after he was shot over a bet said to be just $9. Three cowhands also lie here and were buried the same day after a run-in with the Sheriff left them shot dead. Front Street provides a historical perspective of the frontier days. A little touristy with a museum, restaurants, shows, and souvenirs and generally receives favorable reviews. Another one of a kind is the local Petrified Wood Gallery. If you are looking for a unique experience this gallery has petrified wood in various forms and artistic carvings and sculptures that are as amazing as they are beautiful.

What are the Amenities at the Tri-Trails KOA in West Liberty Iowa?

Here are the Tri-Trails amenities and later we will talk more about local attractions.

The campground provides all the essential amenities for a comfortable stay. The restrooms and showers are clean and well-maintained. There's also a laundry room on-site for your convenience. The appliances are coin operated so make sure you bring quarters if you need to wash a load. If you are short on coins the office can make change. The camp store offers basic supplies, such as firewood, ice, rv supplies, and snacks. The staff is friendly and accommodating and makes you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Garbage is available conveniently in a couple of locations. Dogs have their space, too. There is a Kamp K9, fenced in area, where dogs can be off leash near the playground at the back of the property. Inside the grassy area are a few small trees. Pet waste bags are also available and a picnic table good for relaxing with your pet.

Every campground needs a dad joke. Why did the camp warden quit his job? Because it was always in tents!

If you need a gift idea, here are links to two joke books we love to share:

Dad Jokes Around the Campfire: 600

Funniest Dad Jokes:

Did you know for a more outdoorsy adventure Lake McConaughy is only 10 miles north of Tri-Trails? The Recreation Area features a 22 mile long 142 feet deep all sports lake created by the construction of the Kingsley Dam in the 1940s. With fishing, watersports, dam and spillway, wildlife viewing, and beautiful white sand beaches and some of the best sunsets on the plains there is something for everyone.

Are you planning a trip out west? Tap Subscribe to learn from our trips to the National Parks including the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Now, if you want to enjoy the outdoors from your site, Tri-Trails has many fun activities.

What Activities are Available at the Tri-Trails KOA in West Liberty Iowa?

The campground offers outdoor activities to keep you busy throughout your stay. The playground is spacious with a tower and slides. There is a plastic straight slide and a twisty slide. Your brood can also play tic tac toe and use their hands to work across the overhead bars. Four good size swings, even adults would enjoy, are available, too. If that is too much there is a wooden bench to sit and watch the kids release energy climbing, sliding, swinging and playing. The wagon wheels bordering the playground provide a nice finishing touch. Horseshoes are also available on-site under the group of hardwoods near the front of the park.

Our time before dinner was spent in the pool. There was a heat dome over the plains as we were traveling through and the pool was the most refreshing and relaxing after our 500 mile leg traveling West on I-80. The pool is an inground pool kidney-shaped and well cared for. It was so clean we felt compelled to remove the leaves falling into the pool as the wind blew. The pool is 6 feet deep at one end and then rises 3 feet in the shallow end. For us the pool was the best feature.

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