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Robert Treman State Park, New York

Updated: Feb 8

Robert Treman State Park has an amazing Gorge and Rim Trail Hike. Learn more while experiencing the hike with us. To watch a video with more views click here otherwise continue reading below

How Long Does it Take to Hike the Robert Treman State Park Gorge Trail?

We were advised to start at the top of the Gorge and hike down the first 1/4-1/2 mile and then take the bridge across and hike the rim trail back. We didn't follow that advice and did the full trail to the lower falls and hiked the rim trail back. The whole route took a full morning.

What is the Most Important Gear to Pack for a Day Hike?

On the Gorge trail my son tripped and skinned his knee bad. We didn't have a first aid kit and fortunately had a cooling rag to wrap the wound until we could get antibiotic ointment and bandages. We'll now pack the first aid kit in our packs before the snacks and water. Here is a link to the kit we now carry:

What is it like Hiking Robert Treman Gorge Trail?

Pictures and video describe the trail better than words so we will keep this brief and put a link to our YouTube video at the bottom. The Gorge trail is 1.5 miles with elevation change of over 500 feet. The gorge and rim trails have around 1,000 stair steps so warm up your knees before taking on the gorge. We would consider this a moderate to difficult hike for kids. Our kids were pretty spent after hiking the gorge trail and they needed motivation to hike the rim trail successfully. It was more of a challenge than we expected.

Be on the lookout for wildlife. We found snakes on the trail and in the water. Millipedes and other insects were fun for our explorers. Chipmunks and squirrels would also scurry near the path.

We did find a couple of great locations to take a break and enjoy some down time near the water. These spots are frequent enough, and in the morning, they were unoccupied.

Where is the Robert Treman State Park Rim Trailhead?

The transition from the Rim trail to the Gorge trail is easy at the top of the gorge. Talk to the park rangers or look on your maps to get from the gorge trail to the rim trail at the bottom. It's a little difficult. The rim trail starts behind cottage number 9 which is no where near the gorge trail. No worries though, if you plan or ask questions you will find it no problem. It's near\behind the pool and lower falls. Don't walk through the parking lot. Walk left of the parking lot down the road and you will see the cottages.

What is it Like Hiking the Robert Treman State Park Rim Trail?

The Rim trail is a special hike. We would have enjoyed it if we were more rested and had packed more food and treats. The views of the lower falls and upper falls are majestic. Hiking through the woods made this the best rim trail we did during our Finger Lakes trip. Finally, the views of the gorge from the top of the Rim trail were exceptional.

Is There a Grist Mill in the Finger Lakes?

At the top of the gorge is the historic grist mill. we were unable to enter but there is enough to see how the mill worked and to understand the first use of water power to work the mill. My son took a cool pic through the keyhole. The mill operated in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

What is the Best Part of the Robert Treman State Park Gorge Trail?

Robert Treman is a great hike when prepared for appropriately. The gorge trail has a lot of rocks, roots, and inclines that add to the difficulty. There is a lot to see and explore that can be distracting from the footing and make accidents happen. The falls are spectacular and are best seen from the gorge trail and rim trail. The perspectives are completely different and worth the hike. For a shorter hike, drive to the top of the gorge, hike the first 1/2 mile and take the rim trail back, then drive to the bottom of the gorge and check out the falls and pool there. You won't miss a whole lot. However, you will still have to climb most of the steps of both trails, as the steepest part is at the top of the gorge.

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