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Taughannock Falls State Park Gorge Trail

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

We rolled into the Finger Lakes area after waiting out a rain shower in Niagara Falls. After sitting in the RV during the morning and then driving two and one half hours to Sampson State Park we needed to escape the RV. The solution .... a late afternoon hike of Taughannock Falls. We made camp, unhooked the truck, walked the dogs, grabbed what we needed and drove to Taughannock Falls. We were not disappointed.

Taughannock Falls is just East of Trumansburg and flows water into Cayuga Lake. The Gorge Trail is almost two miles round trip. The trail is packed gravel and stroller accessible. This is an easy hike and one for any family.

For those who would rather not hike the trail there is a great overlook of the falls. This is a really accessible waterfall. Literally, you can exit your vehicle at the upper overlook and with a shorter walk than a supermarket parking lot see the tallest waterfall in New York.

The creek bed is a lot of fun. We walked the creek for at least 3/4 mile and it provides great views of the gorge. The footing is a little slippery and uneven and worth it. We explored the water and found minnows and tadpoles. Little explorers will find this hike perfect.

Dogs are allowed at Taughannock Falls and it would be a nice walk for any size or age dog. If you are camping in any New York State Park your parking pass can be used in any state park parking lot. This was worth at least $40-$50 for us while we were in the Finger Lakes area.

In summary this is one of the top waterfalls in the Finger Lakes region. The height of the falls and the viewing locations make for great pictures. Additionally, the trail and overlook allow for an accessible experience. You can click here for our youtube video of the hike:

We didn't use the water bladders of this Teton pack on the hike. However, the pack was great for water bottles, cameras, and snacks

For longer hikes we pack gatorade chews:

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