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Trailer Village-Campground Review

Updated: Jan 28

Congratulations on planning your trip to the Grand Canyon and looking into Trailer Village. From our perspective we think rving in the Grand Canyon is the best way. We’ll share why and help you prepare for your trip. You will want to read our whole post as we’ll go fast and focus on what’s important to you.

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What is the Elevation of the trailer village in the Grand Canyon?

The evelvation of Trailer Village is just over 7,000 feet above sea level. At over a mile high you will feel it. Plan on a couple of days to acclimate to the altitude. Drink Plenty of water and enjoy your time with easy to moderate activity. You might want to take a bike ride to Yaki Point or out to Hermit's Rest as these are nice rides and it'is easy to turn around. Make sure you are ready before descending down into the Grand Canyon via South Kaibab Trail or Bright Angel Trail. Now that you know the Elevation,

Where is the Grand Canyon Trailer Village Located?

Located in Grand Canyon National Park, Trailer Village is the closest full hookup RV park to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Off the South Entrance Road the location provides convenient access to the Village, Market, Bike Trails, and the Visitor's Center.

Let’s discuss the layout. Stay until the end as later, we’ll discuss the one important item that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

What is the Layout of Grand Canyon Trailer Village?

Trailer Village is separated into two halves. To help they were very creative with the road names in the park. A Street thru L streets have curbs and good asphalt. Streets M thru T are gravel and less improved. Trailer Village Road goes around the whole campground and also runs down the middle and splits the two halves.We stayed in site 89 off M street. All the sites are pull throughs and angled well to get in and out. The trees can be low and we did hit a couple with the RV. So, expect to hit some branches if you have a Class A or fifth wheel.

What are the bathrooms like at Grand Canyon Trailer Village?

Next up let’s talk about facilities There are 3-4 bathroom facilities in Trailer Village. However, the one next to our site was locked. The small bathrooms only include toilets and sinks. If you like using your RV for the toilet, shower, and sink you are in the right campground. Down the road at the more rustic Mather campground are camper facilities. Here you will find showers and laundry facilities you can use for a fee.

Is there Recycling at Grand Canyon Trailer Village?

Let’s talk garbage. Bear proof containers are located in the middle of the campground at each street. Additionally, there are three dumpsters located by the check in station. One of them is marked recycle. However, I was pretty upset walking dogs one morning when I saw the Grand Canyon garbage staff dump all three dumpsters into the same truck. We were leaving that day so I didn’t inquire. The check in station is usually operated during normal business hours 7 days a week They are great at listening and answering questions. Make sure you have a map of the south rim as the streets can be confusing. Finally, the shuttle stops here routinely to take you around the South Rim. Here is a link to the maps from the National Park Service:

Now that we have discussed around the campground let’s discuss what you can expect at your site.

What are the Campsites like At Grand Canyon Trailer Village?

Trailer Village is the only campground in Grand Canyon National Park with full hookups including 30 and 50 amp electric, water, and sewer. First tip: the water pressure can be strong. Make sure you have a pressure regulator. We’ll put Amazon affiliate links with the items we use so that you can get more details on them and If you make a purchase with the links we will earn a small commission. Ok one more, we never plug in electric, without a surge protector. Also at your site you will find a picnic table. The Western improved sites have charcoal grills and direct TV hookups. We noticed our site and others were mostly level but not really. To sleep well make sure you pack leveling pads and plan to use them.

Why Should I Stay at Grand Canyon Trailer Village?

Here are some great benefits to camping in trailer village. First, food is difficult to get in the Grand Canyon. It is way better to rv, and take care of food with your RV. We went out to dinner and there was a long wait and reservations need to be made, months in advance. Two, the bike trail system is awesome and connect, trailer village to the rest of the South Rim. We biked to Kaibab trail and Yaki Point as well as the visitors center and had a blast. There was plenty of space to walk dogs and bags were available by the bathrooms. Finally, speaking of uninvited guests. We had a bird making a nest in the grille of our truck our whole stay. Be very careful with the other guests of the park and keep your distance and your dogs on a leash. Every morning and night a mamma elk with her baby walked through the campground and you need to peek out the door before you run out. Here is a link to campground reservations

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