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Where we share our experiences to help your next experience


We're a family that focuses on beginner hiking and traveling the National Parks

Hello, we share our experiences to help your next experience.  We're here to help the 300 million people hiking the national parks here in the United States.  We will catalog the campgrounds we stay at, the hikes, the bikes, the lakes, and other experiences.  Our hope is to help you decide whether to take that hike, visit that campground, or partake in that experience you are not sure about living.  I'm sure we can all agree that some choices we've made, have made our lives better and some haven't.  The more we read, the more we are amazed at the number of great people in the travel community and how nice and supportive everyone is.  We are looking forward to giving back through sharing our experiences.  Visit us here, and twitter @campbrood, youtube, and facebook  (links below).



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