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50 Essential tools\accessories for the RV

Updated: Jan 28

In order for your trips to go well you need to have the right tools and accessories to support your RV. This is our list. If you are new to camping with an RV this is a good list to consider in your budget. If you've been camping for years you may find something in here that you haven't thought of. We've put links in for some of the hard to describe or our recommendations where we felt it was appropriate. BTW our list was at 47 and I added a few to make it a good 50.

  1. additional power cord supply - we've been to a few sites where our cord isn't long enough. Having an extra can mean the difference between a good vacation and a complete bust. We chose the Camco 50amp 30' extension cord here is the comparable Camco 30amp 25' extension cord

  2. power surge protector - Our first trip with our current motorhome had us blowing 5amp fuses. It took me four hours on our best day to learn the fuse was blowing and preventing our slideouts from working. We chose this economical Surge Guard 44270 50amp surge protector. After 3 years I recommend this protector over the more expensive types. Here is the Surge Guard 44260 30amp surge protector.

  3. extension cord - We always find use for a 20amp extension cord. I mainly use it for cooking and also for topping off the battery in our truck with a battery tender

  4. power strip with multiple outlets - just to plug in multiple electrical tools/appliances/phone chargers, etc.

  5. three-way electrical plug adapter - for plugging in multiple electrical tools/appliances/phone chargers, etc.

  6. 50-30amp adapter - for me this would be a 30amp male end that goes into the electrical mast of the campground. The other side would have 50amp female that would take the surge protector. Then the RV would be connected with the 50amp power cord.

  7. 50/30 - 15 amp adapter - Currently I don't have a 50amp outlet at my house so we are just using a 20amp outlet to charge the batteries and run lights and the refridgerator. Therefore we need to step down to 15amp. I chose to buy the Camco 50-30amp adapter and then the Camco 30amp-15amp adapter for my solution. I've had no trouble plugging this into a 20amp outlet with an extension cord.

  8. Battery Tender - I find it necessary or just comforting to top off my towed vehicles battery when driving long distances. I have 3-4 battery tenders at my house. The Battery Tender 3amp is what I take with me on the road because it charges a little faster than the smaller tenders I own.

  9. water hose - the Camco 25' hose has been long enough for us every time. Although, on a couple of occasions its been close. These hoses have been setup to be drinking water safe and the camping industry does not recommend using garden hoses.

  10. water coupler with shutoff - I don't like the fill connector on my RV so I use a coupler to accept the water hoses to limit premature failure of the RV connector.

  11. water hose pressure regulator - a must for any trailer or motorhome. I use the Camco plastic water pressure regulator. I got mine from a campground store after I left my good one, with a gauge, in Minnesota. It works great and there is no need to pay more for the fancy regulators.

  12. water Y with shutoffs - we always need water outside of the RV for dogs, etc. so we always attach a Y with shutoffs to the campsite water then add our hose. I added this Y splitter link for context. Any that you like will do.

  13. leveling blocks 2x12-36" - Our RV requires it be level and all 6 tires on the ground. So, we carry 3 foot 2x12 boards and Camco Leveling Blocks to make sure when we have unlevel sites we are able to level the coach and extend the slideouts.

  14. tool kit - We have a toolkit similart to the Dekopro 128 piece tool set. These motorhomes and trailers just fall apart going down the road. A toolkit is priceless when you need to turn a screw or tighten a bolt. It won't solve all of your problems but will take care of many. I keep it in the RV in the Summer and when I'm not traveling I use it in our house.

  15. volt meter - when troubleshooting electrical in your RV a volt meter is required. I've been on calls with the manufacturer and they ask specifically to test for volts throughout the coach. I'm not an electrician but I can use a volt meter reasonably well and it is a small tool that is nice to have. I like my Klein Multimeter kit

  16. extra fuses

  17. batteries - AA, AAA, 9 volt, D, C, we have a variety for toys, flashlights, smoke dectectors

  18. air hose, tire inflator/gauge-Our motorhome has an air compressor that I can tap into. So, we keep hose and a tire inflator/gauge in case we have a flat.

  19. tire inflator

  20. Toy/bed inflator - We go to the beach a lot. So, this Intex Quick Fill Inflator is great for the inflatable zoo we take to the beach and for air beds.

  21. coax cable - we don't watch a lot of tv but this was great to have during our trip to Disney to connect to their cable tv

  22. sewer hose - A must for Camping. We carry a kit like this Camco Rhino 15' hose.

  23. rubber gloves

  24. leather gloves

  25. duct tape

  26. electrical tape

  27. headlamp

  28. flashlights

  29. dicor self leveling sealant - These are for roof leaks. You may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere but here is the link for reference.

  30. dicor non-self leveling sealant - These are for other leaks where self leveling isn't necessary. You may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere but here is the link for reference.

  31. silicone - for tubs/showers, sinks, and general small patches to the outside of the RV

  32. caulk gun - don't forget the caulk gun for the sealant.

  33. 3 or 5-gallon bucket

  34. windshield squeegee with sponge

  35. extra windshield wipers

  36. windshield repair kit - Thankfully, we haven't had to use this yet. However, with the tow vehicle and the big RV windshield it may be nice to have in the RV in case we need it.

  37. electric space heaters

  38. tape measure

  39. jumper cables

  40. rope

  41. towel

  42. cordless drill\batteries\charger

  43. axe - we heat our house with wood and this Fiskars Axe is my favorite.

  44. shovel

  45. hatchet - I also really like this Fiskars Hatchet.

  46. Water line blowout plug: The Camco Blow Out Plug is used with an air compressor to clear your lines of water so that you can winterize your plumbing properly to prevent freezing pipes. I keep this part with my other air compressor accessories. One end quick connects to your compressor hose and the other end is a male garden hose thread

  47. Mouse traps and ant bait - ughhhh we routinely get mice and ants. its good to have these available when you see traces of either.

  48. Air Conditioner Filters - We've recently bought extra. our trip to Utah showed us that we need to have filters we can swap out every few days. Our Dometic's take these filters. Now we clean or replace filters weekly while camping.

  49. miscesllaneous screws, nut, bolts

  50. Slide lube - We are using CRC Power Lube for our Schwintek slide out systems. Check with your RV dealer or manual for what you should be using.

Did we get everything? What do you have in your RV that we might want to travel with? Links go to Amazon where if you purchase we earn a small commission

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