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7 Reasons Beginners REGRET Their First RV!

Most of the people who buy an RV love it despite the pain and suffering but there are times when people really regret their decision. Like when some find out they can no longer bundle their insurance for the best deal. Come on a walk with us through some of our favorite campgrounds while we discuss why you will regret buying an RV. Let’s Get Started! To watch a video version of this blog click here or continue reading below.

While we walk through Wahweap RV Park on Lake Powell The first question most people start asking when buying an RV is

How Difficult is it to Drive an RV?

Get ready to white-knuckle it, because driving a big rig like an RV or a truck and trailer can be nerve-wracking. But, driving an RV requires a different set of skills, strength, and knowledge than driving a regular passenger vehicle. RVs are larger, heavier, and less maneuverable, making them more challenging to drive. Additionally, navigating unfamiliar roads and dealing with adverse weather conditions can add to the stress and anxiety of driving an RV. At the end of a quiet 500 mile day about 5 minutes from our campground in rural Alamosa Colorado to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park we got a wind shear that pushed our rig into opposing traffic unexpectedly and the wind almost caused a tragic accident. It was like trying to steer a sailboat through a knockdown. But, driving through major cities can be more debilitating. If you’ve ever driven through Cincinnati or Atlanta in construction zones it’s some of the worst RV driving you can experience. But, one of the biggest challenges for RV owners are the Rocky Mountains. The miles of grade where any mistake can overheat your brakes and cause them to fail will put the fear into any confident car driver. But the Appalachians like the drive between Shenandoah National Park and New River Gorge National Park offer even more technical driving that will test your mettle. For some owners, the fear and intimidation associated with driving an RV can be a source of great regret.

Later we will talk about legal restrictions but most people don’t think to question

How does RV living impact family dynamics?

Living in close quarters with family members can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories, but it can also lead to conflict and tension. From disagreements over space and privacy to conflicts about travel plans and activities, RV living can test the patience and resilience of the best family members. But, the lack of personal space and downtime can exacerbate existing tensions and strain relationships. Especially, if someone in your brood is not fully committed to the RV lifestyle. For some families, the challenges lead to regret the purchase.

How do unexpected repairs impact RV owners?

Despite regular maintenance and upkeep, unexpected repairs are an inevitable part of RV ownership. Think about your house in an earthquake. An RV is basically living through an earthquake every time you leave the driveway. But, this earthquake lasts for hours and days depending on how far you drive. From engine issues to plumbing problems to electrical malfunctions, there's no shortage of things that can go wrong with an RV. And because RV repairs often require specialized parts and labor, they can be expensive and time-consuming to address. These unexpected repair costs can quickly add up, leading to financial strain and regret among owners. But, depending on where you are located you may not be able to find someone who will do the repair. If you find a shop that can do the repair it can take months for them to schedule you in. So, depending on the repair you could lose good camping time waiting for the repair while your RV depreciates and you are paying to keep it. So, a lot of people who are not mechanically inclined really regret buying an RV. But if you are looking to buy an RV and plan to repair it here are some examples of must have repair supplies and tools for your RV.

Windshield repair kit:

Screw assortment: (screws disappear down the road)

Surge Protector:

Water Pressure Regulator:

Fuses: (know your RV and get what's right for you)

Tire Pressure Gauge

Now As we walk through Spacious Skies near Shenandoah National Park it amazes us that we’ve been RVing for almost 10 years and continue to learn more about the next question.

How do legal restrictions impact RV owners?

There are a maze of laws and regulations governing where RV owners can park, camp, and travel with their vehicles. Many neighborhoods, cities, and homeowners' associations have restrictions on RV parking, which can limit where owners can park their vehicles and for how long. But with what is happening in California and other states, campground regulations, zoning laws, and travel restrictions are changing across the country, making it difficult for RV owners to plan their trips and own their RV. Safety and environmental laws are also getting more strict. But, now our RV is going to be restricted by the 10 year rule. Violating these laws and regulations can result in campgrounds you can’t stay at, getting fines, penalties, or even having the RV towed, adding to the frustration and regret of ownership.

Join us by signing up above and join the conversation in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

If you underestimate this next question you will definitely have regrets.

Is it Financially Smart to Buy Your First RV?

Purchasing an RV is a significant financial investment, and the expenses don't end at the dealership. Most want to ignore the cost but hear me out. Campgrounds are getting more expensive at many over $100 per night. But there are ongoing costs to consider, such as insurance premiums, vehicle registration fees, and maintenance expenses. Registering an RV is more expensive than a car. Plus with insurance costs you will want to put the RV in storage with your insurance when you are not using it. But, when you go to register your RV you need to take the RV out of storage to get the registration renewed or possibly pay fines. But even worse, we found out that the best coverage for our house is not the best insurance coverage for our RV. So, we are unable to “bundle and save” on our insurance package. Insurance will also ask about the age of the RV, what you are using it for, whether you have younger drivers in the house, and if you are full-time making the insurance conversation more complicated and more expensive. Additionally, fuel costs can be substantial, especially for larger motorhomes or vehicles towing trailers. For many RV owners, the financial burden can become overwhelming, leading to regret over the decision to buy.

Every good camping post needs a dad joke. What do bears call campers in sleeping bags? Soft Tacos there’s a good reason to buy an RV.

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Ok back to the list and

Let’s dig a little deeper into the money while we walk through Gouldings RV Resort in Monument Valley and answer

What does it cost to maintain an RV for a year?

We’ve found that our RV costs about $3,000 per year to keep. That does not include traveling with it. Included in the cost is the vehicle registration, insurance, generator maintenance and RV maintenance including oil changes and other items. We do all of the winterization and general coach maintenance ourselves. But even trailers need axle service, tires and other costly work. But adding to the price for you, could be the cost to store the RV. If you add all of those costs you could easily exceed $5,000 annually. Make sure you join the conversation. If you own an RV, what do you own and how much does it cost you per year? We’d like to know how your experience compares to ours.

Ok time to take a time out from the money. So,

How comfortable is the RV experience?

RVs are designed on a budget for efficiency and mobility and are more compact and lightweight, But, they often sacrifice comfort and luxury with cramped living quarters and limited amenities. RVs can feel more like a chore than a home away from home. Additionally, factors such as temperature control, noise levels, and sleeping arrangements can impact comfort and quality of life for RV occupants. Those who need a formula for good sleep will often regret buying an RV. But, rooftop air conditioners can only reduce the temperature by 20 degrees. So, on a hot Summer day the RV will have a hard time trying to get down to 85 degrees. On the other hand, cold weather camping can freeze pipes but it can also be impossible to keep an RV at a pleasant 65-70 degrees. But, some people are too short or too tall for an RV. Tall people may feel the need to duck. Their feet will hang off the end of the bed. Short people may not enjoy the seating or can’t reach the pedals to drive. But they may not be able to work the controls on the ceiling without a stool. For those accustomed to the comforts of home, you’ll regret buying the value-engineered RV.

If you Regret your RV join the conversation and tell us why in the comments. With that list we might just make another post. But, if you are like many of us and love RVing anyway you may like 10 reasons you'll love KOA or one of these posts below.

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