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Roadtrippers App- The travel app for those who like to vacation the open road

Updated: Mar 4

How do we figure out where to go and how to get there? Our Brood are planners. My wife is thankfully very good at it. We use a lot of tools to plan our trips including paper maps, Google maps, books, blog posts, YouTube channels, and whatever other avenues we can find to research a destination. My wife came across Roadtrippers while planning our Yellowstone trip.

Is Roadtrippers a free app?

The app is free to a level. It is limited 6 stops or waypoints. The Plus version allows up to 150 stops/waypoints. we found the free version a good resource to search for those items you like. We found the ability to search along your route priceless. Knowing the distance between waypoints is great, too. Plus being able to filter on categories you are searching for on a roadtrip is a great tool in the app.

What are the Advantages of the Roadtrippers App?

We've found the following advantages to the Roadtrippers App. but there is one drawback that we will share below

  1. Roadtrippers can plan out a route with multiple destinations,

  2. The app can view categories along your route. For example, show me campgrounds, hotels, or attractions, within five miles of the roads I am planning to drive on.

  3. It is social, you can share your trip with others and collaborate

  4. Works on mobile devices, tablets, and computers

  5. Adaptive as we are driving down the road. We found Diamond Caverns in Mammoth Cave National Park looking for something to do on our way back from Florida.

  6. Clearly shows the miles between places so we can plan our days.


  1. The one disadvantage that we struggle with is there are no height restriction filters. Our RV is 12 feet high so we don't have to worry as much as the bigger rigs. Although it is still a concern for us.

How does the Roadtrippers App Work?

The Roadtrippers App works like google maps but with a lot of additional features. As you plan your trip in the Roadtrippers app you add the stops that you know you are going to do and then you fill in the other places you want to visit by searching for those places in the app and marking them as a waypoint. You can even save multiple road trips if you want to build multiple plans for comparison.

As an example, our most recent trip to Utah included 19 days, 10 campgrounds, and 8 other places on our route. Our trip began with the idea of experiencing, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Mesa Verde. As we developed our plan in Roadtrippers we ended up with CanyonLands\Arches, Capitol Reef/Escalante, Bryce, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, and Mesa Verde. Our plans changed again and we had to cancel Monument Valley, move up Mesa Verde, which gave us the opportunity to add Great Sand Dunes National Park. We found out via research that the road between Zion and Bryce includes a tunnel that requires an escort to get through if you are more than 12' tall. So, we chose to add Zion to the trip we have planned when we go to the Grand Canyon. That trip is already started in Roadtrippers. Confusing, right? As you can see, our planning tends to have a lot of iterations to get to an end result. Roadtrippers allows us to see these evolve as we develop our plan, make campground reservations, and solidify our decisions.

Is the Roadtrippers App Worth It?

For us, Roadtrippers is a priceless tool that we are proud to share with you. Can you plan a trip without it? Yes. But, we've found places right along our route that we would have overlooked without Roadtrippers. The user interface, search capabilities, and planning multiple roadtrips are great features. Navigating with Roadtrippers, again, is another tool that has provided us with the support we need for successful trips. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or on twitter with a DM to @CampBrood. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

Here is the link to their website:

When you purchase Roadtrippers Plus use Promo Code BTR5QTP for a $5 off discount code from the $29.99 normal price. When you go to the site click get plus, then click get started (or login if you have a free account). From there just follow the prompts and enter the promo code at checkout. We've used the app and are happy to discuss it with you and answer any questions.


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