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RV Winterization Supply List

Updated: Mar 4

Here is a list of 20 items you need and why you need them to winterize your RV. I'm sure you know you need antifreeze and other items for your plumbing system. Have you considered all of these other items and how they may protect your RV through the Winter?

The RV Winterization Supply List

  1. Distilled water - for your house batteries

  2. Antifreeze-used to winterize plumbing. I put the link here for reference but you can get it cheaper at your local auto parts, walmart, etc. Just make sure you get antifreeze that is safe for plumbing systems.

  3. Blowout plug - I use this to blow out my water lines to get rid of all the water before I fill the lines with antifreeze. Set your compressor between 25-35psi and clean water out of every faucet, water heater, etc.

  4. Camco Antifreeze hand pump kit - I have a garden hose femail adapter that fills my fresh water tank and winterizes the system and city water all in one. I need this to pump antifreeze through the plumbing system.

  5. Authenzo mouse traps - we have mice and this is a necessity for us. we use traps because we want to find the dead mice. I've tried many different styles and these are my favorite. they are durable and easy to set. the gimmick traps don't work for me. I've also tried the Victor electronic traps (which are really cool so link provided) but they didn't seem to last more than a year for me.

  6. Bounce Dryer sheets - these tend to repel mice and it makes the rv smell better in the spring.

  7. Dicor self-leveling sealant - Check your roof every Fall and Spring for roof seams that may be cracking or deteriorating. Use Dicor to reseal these areas before winter to prevent leaks.

  8. Silicone caulk - similar to the dicor look around the sides of your RV and seal anything that may leak. Make sure you buy clear.

  9. ProFlex RV sealant - If you are concerned about silicone here is the RV alternative and recommended for joints not including the roof.

  10. Lithium Grease - for moving parts on power step. Should be completed every 30 days or the schedule in your manual and important when you winterize.

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  1. RV Cover - We've used a classic cover for over four years and it has worked outstanding. Here are the links for bumper pull trailers, Motorhome Class A, Motorhome Class C, Fifth Wheel trailers,

  2. Tire Covers - There are a multitude of options. We like the Classic Accessories covers. These are good any time of year to limit UV exposure and other weather related deterioration.

  3. Tennis Balls - We use tennis balls over any pointy objects to protect the RV cover from tearing. For us it is just a part on the slide toppers. We just cut an "x" in the ball and set the ball on the pointy parts

  4. Duct Tape - like the tennis balls we use duct tape for anything that might rip the rv cover. I use it on the RV radio antennae post (after removing the antennae) and the sharp parts on the TV antennae. It doesn't have to be expensive because you want it to come off in the Spring.

  5. Slide Out 3 in 1 - use this lubricant to keep your rv seals fresh and prevent drying and cracking.

  6. CRC lube - this is the lube specifically recommended for Schwintek slide out systems

  7. Paper towels - throughout the process paper you will find paper towels very handy.

  8. Pool Noodle - link provided for reference and you may have trouble finding one this time of year. I use them to protect my RV wiper blades. I actually got this idea from a neighbor. they had bright pink on their wipers and I couldn't figure out why. So, I finally stopped and took a look. You want the large noodle and then cut it in half to cover both wipers and cut lengthwise to be able to open the noodle and place over the wiper from the windshield side.

  9. Black water tank toilet treatment - Make sure to put one of these in during winterization and maybe one a month depending on your situation. Whatever you purchase please follow the instructions.

  10. DampRid Moisture Absorbers - Use this if you have musty odors in the Spring or have dampness issues during the Winter

This is the RV Winterization Supply List that I can come up with to winterize my Class A diesel. What else do you need to put your RV away for the Winter?

Here is a link to the Amazon shopping list I created for the below for easy reference. As an Amazon Affiliate we earn a small commission on qualified purchases.

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